Hosted -PBX Hosted-PBX or cloud-hosted phone systems, I believe, are the way of the future. The reasons for my statement is pretty simple really it comes down to the three basic premise of Capital, Cost and maintenance. You save on everyone. There is little or no upfront costs with a phone system unless you wish … Read more

NBN savings

The NBN is an opportunity for you to save How am I qualified to be guiding you on the telephone industry? Perhaps my 30 odd years being in the front of the industry gives me some right of passage In addition, I have bought and sold many telephone systems and ran a large service team … Read more

engin nbn options

Engin NBN options   Engin NBN options Many companies in Australia are offering a hosted phone system including Engin NBN options. Engin is owned and operated by the M2 group, a large telecommunications carrier that joined and renamed as Vocus. They include Amcom NBN, Nextgen, dodo and several other entities. Vocus are probably the fourth biggest … Read more

Cloud hosted phone systems

Cloud hosted phone systems. Can you have a cloud-hosted phone system? The answer is a yes, definitely so and it will be normal in a few years. In Australia, with the NBN roll-out, all telephone calls will need to be over the internet as we do away with the fixed copper network. So basically you are … Read more

Is your phone system NBN ready

IS YOUR PHONE SYSTEM NBN READY? by Greg Lipschitz on 23 May, 2017 With the rollout of the NBN progressing at a much faster rate since the Government announced the NBN Multi-Technology Mix, the disconnection of standard telephone services such as PSTN and ISDN will now be complete by 2022. Is your phone system NBN … Read more

Is the NBN growing

Is the NBN growing I am often asked is the NBN growing and the answer is yes very quickly. The target during the peak is a new connection every three seconds. The NBN weekly progress report is available here. This report by the NBN is quite comprehensive if you search topics. It was also reported … Read more

Is the NBN cheaper?

Is the NBN cheaper? Cheaper than what, you may well ask? The first thing to clear up is that the NBN co is a wholesale carrier and only selected resellers buy from them. They market to the re-sellers on a volume-based transaction. We the customer then buy from a re-seller or a re-seller of the re-seller … Read more

TIO complaints on NBN

TIO complaints on NBN are reportedly growing at a great rate so should you be scared to venture over to the Dark side? TIO COMPLAINTS ON NBN In a recent report, it was stated that; “The TIO received almost 66,000 complaints from Australian consumers and businesses unable to resolve problems with service providers between July … Read more

Going to the NBN

Going to the NBN can be an experience but will it be good or bad? First of all, on Going to the NBN, it is a fixed entity that comes with certain characteristics and regimes and nothing can change them. Where the problem comes in is the hundreds of resellers that are tasked to act … Read more