Is the NBN cheaper?

Is the NBN cheaper?

Cheaper than what, you may well ask?

The first thing to clear up is that the NBN co is a wholesale carrier and only selected resellers buy from them. They market to the re-sellers on a volume-based transaction.

We the customer then buy from a re-seller or a re-seller of the re-seller for our supply.

The top three generally known re-sellers are Telstra, Optus and possibly Vocus group a third. There are many others that come in this area, some are common names, some not so.

The NBN is designed with a range of price points depending on download speed and the amount of data required so you get what you pay for, or should do.

Furthermore, the NBN must carry your Voice traffic into the future. No more old copper network where we paid about $35 a month for each line we used.

When looking at costs you should share like with like but if you are like most of us you have been hanging for extra speed and you will go up a level.

NBN is not the only broadband medium for carrying data, you have fibre, ethernet, wireless and variants of that but as most of us will go to the NBN I will concentrate there.

Your NBN channel can be data, voice or a combination of both depending on need. Importantly it must be remembered that Data effects voice so thereby hides a dilemma.

To make life easy a 25 mg NBN channel should carry 3 or so voice lines and leave ample for normal trading data. It will be faster than the old ISDN2+ ( like double) and no voice degradation.

So a majority of you can almost stop reading, but wait there is more.

We need to consider how to pay for the Voice traffic.
Around $16 should get you a couple of voice channels and then pay, say $0.10 a call for local and National calls and about $0.18 a minute for Calls to mobile.
If you compare say Telstra land line costs this is about half what was available. Pay a little more for your data (at twice the speed) but save a heap on call costs, you are in front.

Unlimited packages are also available. In fact, for $40.00 a month, you get all those calls plus the line plus a new handset if you have a look at the hosted packages.

Is the NBN cheaper? The answer is that It can be very much so and with a better service.

The trick is in getting good upfront advice. There are also many options away from the big spenders that will provide a better service and price.

When do you move to the NBN?

Is the NBN cheaper?

As soon as possible because it takes time and eventually you have no choice.

Don’t wait to the last minute it will complicate your change potentially damaging your business.

Peter Hanley

Is the NBN cheaper?


Is the NBN cheaper?

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  1. Tony Ooi

    I don’t think the NBN would necessarily be that much more due to the competition for your business. I suggest doing your research. Sometimes it is worth paying a little more to get reliable service.

    1. admin

      Thanks and again you are correct, cheap is not necessarily good.

  2. Nicky

    I Think NBN will win regardless of price if it delivers improved speed, especially if you are some distance from the exchange which currently affects the speed of your connection.

    1. admin

      Thanks Nicky, yes you are correct, I believe anyway, you can now pick a speed and
      get something close to it which is far better than the one option.
      Peter H

  3. Sonia

    Is the NBN ready to go now?

    1. admin

      Thanks for that, unfortunately, your street is not until second quarter 2018
      Not that long to wait.

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