NBN savings

NBN savings are easy to make with new opportunities available to any business, this short article by Peter Hanley explains it with examples.

The NBN is an opportunity for you to save

How am I qualified to be guiding you in the telephone industry?

Perhaps my 30-odd years being in the front of the industry gives me some right of passage

In addition, I have bought and sold many telephone systems and ran a large service team to fix the many problems you have along the way.
I have seen the hourly rate for a Telecoms Tech go from about $60 an hour up to $180 an hour in some places.
The cost of hardware has remained at the least consistent in most areas to almost doubling with Cisco and other international suppliers.

Now you don’t need a Crystal ball to tell you something is wrong in this industry.

Prices and service have been held for far too long and we needed a change.
A big change that would provide you with the buying power to match the falling prices you have to contend with.

Our Federal Government understood we were lagging behind the rest of the world in the internet area and that dramatic changes needed to be made. Along came the National broadband network (NBN) with an aim to give us world-standard internet speeds and capacity.

The NBN target also included the need to replace the old copper wire telephone network.
This had served us well for many years when maintenance costs were becoming prohibitive.
They would now supply a fibre and wireless service to meet world standards.

NBN Co(tm) established a truly national network that would provide voice traffic and data on one link. This would be repaid by the consumers over a planned period.

Good idea but the best-laid plans come unstuck.
It was deemed far too long a time to build and came with a huge cost blowout. Therefore they scaled down the plan to meet consumer expectations in a shorter period.

The NBN is now rolling out across Australia.

Up until the time the NBN arrived your internet was shared with the landline.
This was with only modest speeds available except of course at very high prices.
Any voice traffic suffered from the degradation of quality by data collision.
Data takes the bandwidth from voice.
Early attempts at carrying voice traffic to a cloud-based phone system were met with a lot of criticism. They suffered low voice quality with a hollow sound that wavered in and out.

Most noteworthy is the fact that these early adopters managed to overcome the problems. They establish a platform that would provide a first-rate solution when and at such time as capacity was available.

It’s a new era.

Ta-Da, drum roll, what was once a low-performing network now lets you choose a speed to suit your needs. Avoiding or at least minimising data collision..12Mbps, 25Mbps,50Mbps and 100Mbps.

A recent report by ABC News stated the average Australian speed at about 8.8 Mbps.

NBN savings

What benefits are there in Hosted / cloud-based phone systems that would draw you to them and turn you into a happy user?

First of all, there is no capital outlay for a great big box of intrigue that sits on a wall somewhere in your building.

Choose from just one handset to hundreds and in multiple offices when required.

Your business will share a big box that resides in the cloud or more specifically in a rack with a hosting provider but in the cloud is a more trendy term so we stay with that.

You can even get handsets supplied in a low-cost package reducing any capital expenditure down to a minimum.

NBN savings

In addition, you can choose from basic handsets right through to reception consoles and conference phones for minimal cash outlay.
Monthly payments should also be completely deductible ( seek your own advice) and annual planning a breeze in controlling costs.

No more calling a Tech out to make those simple changes, no more call-out fees, changes should all be made life online by either in-house personnel or an appointed support centre.

Packaged phone calls.

The other large expenditure has been telephone lines and calls, a product where the carriers have closely guarded their margins. Carriers could only buy access from Telstra who controlled many of the prices and maintained them at a level to suit shareholders and not consumers.

Not anymore, lines are included in The NBN package and calls have plummeted to a new low.

A call package at the bottom of the scale would currently cost you between $90 and $140 a month for Local, national and calls to mobile. Lots more without a bundle if you make the calls.

A hosted package that I am marketing, chosen for all the good reasons is $39.95. This is for a line a handset and calls to local, national and mobile in Australia.

NBN savings that is a deal

Now that’s what I call a deal.

So, answer this simple question,” why would you outlay capital when you can spread the cost over time and get a better deal”. It is, without a doubt your future.

In conclusion, the NBN will be really good for you and Australia. Yes, it is a scaled-down product and has some early problems but the end result will provide a more efficient and cheaper network. And, by the way, it’s all we have so you have little choice.

My prediction is that hosted systems will leave the old wall-mounted phone system gathering dust and lose all value over a short time. The uptake of hosted phone systems is gaining great traction with a myriad of suppliers. You should still how ever choose carefully.

Peter Hanley

NBN savings


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  1. Adrian

    I’m glad the NBN has come along as I have really appreciated the faster internet speed I now have compared to ADSL2.

    The other thing that I like is the WiFi, I’ve connected my mobile, TV and the wife’s iPad to it as I have plenty of GB’s to download and I’ve never reached the limit of it.

    Also it’s cheaper for me now because I’m not using the phone with the NBN as we just do our calls on our mobiles, so no more phone line rental which is good.

    I was hardly using the landline phone before, so there wasn’t much point keeping it and I was getting nuisance calls from overseas from people claiming they were from Microsoft.

    So I’m very happy to save about $17.00 a month and have a much better internet speed for it

    1. admin

      thanks Adrian, happy to see it working well for you, it certainly has a lot of benefits.

      Peter H

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