Going to the NBN

Going to the NBN can be an experience but will it be good or bad?

First of all, on Going to the NBN, it is a fixed entity that comes with certain characteristics and regimes and nothing can change them.

Where the problem comes in is the hundreds of resellers that are tasked to act as resellers to the service.
Furthermore, in some cases, you may go through several levels of resellers with the product offering.

Pricing will vary with product and marketing clout.
Those spending the most on marketing wanting to reclaim the expenditure.

Telstra, just like Optus and both the M2 and TPG group are demanding a share of the market with a long-term payback.

What appears to be the case is that they are not getting the returns they require and this will have an eventual impact of some kind.

We should separate the home and business market because they are quite different. Homeowners are quite willing to roll over to the marketing tactics and sign with one of the large players.

This is probably a result of marketing tactics when the letterbox is stuffed with offers and threats of losing your service if you don’t act now.

Business is different going to the NBN

Business is a bit different when going to the NBN, we have multiple users and many products often based on more than one carrier.
The original phone line contract that we have had from day dot plus a broadband network, emails and maybe even some backup.

Changing is a tad more complicated so we often just shelve it for later, but my friends later may just be now.

You must move your phone plan to an NBN plan within about 18 months of the network coming to you. NBN have started turning off copper networks so plan now on going to the NBN.

It is interesting, NBN came to my home address and I needed some details about the network.
I rang Telstra using my home number as that was the only way they would talk to me.
The nice lady answered my question and the said: ” Telstra are too busy at the moment I suggest you go to one of the other resellers”. I kid you not.

My point is that when everyone is in a panic it will be congested therefore act early.

You should use one NBN service for your voice traffic if you need more than a couple of calls at a time.
Your voice traffic is important and data takes precedence.
I have a great article with all the ideas at www.fig-solutions.net
that gives all the options on your phone system and things to look for. We will explain VOIP, SIP Digital connections a whole subject on its own.

And then comes Data.

Next is data, Here you have a few choices but probably the cheapest is NBN because you can pay for what you get.
Chose your speed and data quantity based on needs. There are many other choices Like Fibre, Terrestrial etc to suit a greater need.

If you have a data feed on your fixed telephone lines then you must change to another method. Telephone lines as we know them will disappear. Note, that is lines, not numbers. You will be able to move or port your numbers to the new network.

Your telephone lines as you know them will disappear. Note that is lines, not numbers. You will be able to move or port your numbers to the new network.

One last issue to be addressed by you is fax lines, These will not work on the Data lines so you will need to make alternate choices.

New fax services with Fax to Email and Email to fax now provide a cheaper and more efficient service to run your faxes.

Similarly, with Security systems, many of these won’t work on data lines so an alternative method must be found. Considerable effort has been made in this area so check with your security company first

And in conclusion, EFTPOS if on your telephone lines won’t work on Data. Most are now going wireless so think of upgrading.

There is a bundle of information around and I hope these few ideas can help in your planning.

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  1. Tony Ooi

    Interesting article and provides food for though. I suggest doing research and don’t sign any long term contracts in case your provider doesn’t stack up

    1. admin

      You are sort of pushed into an NBN term contract and change is not always easy, I suggest
      choose well from the beginning. Thanks for the input.

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