Business phone systems and NBN are now operating well as we advance into a new era. Are you getting the benefits in price and service?

Business phone systems and the  NBN are explained.
Our team will assist your important decisions when moving to the new broadband network

Business phone systems and NBN are now operating well as we advance into a new era. Are you getting the benefits in price and service?

Business phone systems and NBN

NBN Company is a wholly-owned Federal government initiative to provide wholesale services to the industry.
Connection to the NBN can only be bought from resellers.

Furthermore, unless you pick wisely from a great knowledge base you may experience no end of problems.

We have found that even the largest suppliers have serious problems in supplying a competent level of customer service. Phone waiting times in support centres are seriously compromised and line quality can be very suspect.


Choosing the NBN service to suit you depends on many critical inputs.

Business phone systems and NBN

Price should not be your first choice. Let’s face it there really is just a few dollars either way. They all buy at a similar price but some challenge the bandwidth further than is reasonable. They squeeze so much traffic through a pipe they can never achieve top speeds.

Secondly, they operate foreign-based call centres with staff that are untrained and inefficient. In fact, in recent times the only way to communicate is by SMS. This is a disaster and Telstra should be ashamed of allowing this to happen. Does it matter? I have experienced firsthand the delays associated with fixing a minor problem. Five hours of messaging over two days is not a joke.

When there is a problem you want action from someone that understands and delivers results

All ways on Phone systems are more necessary than ever.

Phones are down, NBN off, computers not working, this is a nightmare in real life when you run a retail operation. Furthermore, it can last for days and not hours with the current NBN problems and delays.

One company has found a solution using high-speed NBN and automatic 4g backup
that takes just seconds to connect. Furthermore, you will retain a reasonable level in both up and download speeds.

Vonex Limited is an Australian-listed company that connects customers through dedicated agents that are well-versed in the products.

Contact me for details and costs now at 1800 116 116


Business systems and NBN. Is the Phone system outdated?

Business phone systems and NBN

More and more businesses are utilizing virtual telephone operations. This is where the system is hosted with the carrier and you take a small chunk of the capacity.

Your premises simply have handsets with all the abilities of the largest and most expensive setups.

You can have corded, cordless even sound stations in a board room or similar.

In the olden days, sound may have sometimes been compromised but now with wideband data, the presentation is excellent.

In the SME business, this is certainly the easiest and cheapest way of running phone calls with all the extras, and probably more, than you will ever need.

I regularly see businesses buying phone systems at inflated prices that are entirely unnecessary for the business. The catch is they are amortized over a five-year contract so look relatively cheap. However, they are mostly just a waste of money when a better outcome will be had with a couple of handsets and a hosted service

Business phone systems and NBN

Especially relevant is the section on Phone system selection a must-read for any business.

In conclusion, I believe that hosted phone systems are the future and an early investment will save you money and time.
Thank you for reading.


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