Hosted phone system pricing with Fig-solutions and how to save money.

Hosted phone system pricing

That’s the start of the story on hosted phone system pricing. Choose a provider and a product carefully. We have detailed the best value available.

In addition, it is important when choosing a Hosted phone system that you select the Carrier that hosts the system. Many are simply resellers of a product.

Flex PBX

Hosted phone system pricing

You can have a monthly account without a lock in contract.

Hosted phone system pricing

Most noteworthy is what will the calls cost?

Pricing page

Due to the long list International calls on request starting at just $0.02 per min.

Hosted phone system pricing may change without notice and you should call for any current updates.

Things you should know are in this great article by Peter Hanley

Hosted phone system pricing basic handsetHosted phone system pricing Cordless handsetHosted phone system pricing Advanced Handset

Basic handset                  Cordless handset        upgrade handset

Hosted phone system pricing Reception concolHosted phone system pricing Executive handsetHosted phone system pricing Conference phone

Reception console   executive model   Conferencing phone

Standard NBN charges.We suggest a separate NBN service for Voice and Data to eliminate any potential voice degradation

Hosted phone system pricing NBN
NBN pricing

Other charges available by calling 1800 116 116

Sip charges are used as one method to attach your phone system to the NBN via your carrier.

Hosted phone system pricing SIP pricing

Hosted phone system pricing.

What is best for you?
First of all, you have to get rid of the old copper wires carrying your telephone calls and Go to the NBN or similar for Voice traffic.

Especially relevant is the age of your old phone system. I believe anything over about 8 years is obsolete so the choice becomes A capital expenditure versus ongoing payments with a Hosted system.

Decide your future with good planning and wise choice.