Hosted -PBX

Hosted-PBX or cloud-hosted phone systems, I believe, are the way of the future.

The reasons for my statement is pretty simple really it comes down to the three basic premise
of Capital, Cost and maintenance. You save on everyone.

There is little or no upfront costs with a phone system unless you wish to purchase or upgrade handsets and even then it is limited. You do need basic cabling to each handset and back to your internet connection but there it can stop.


This means that you pay a monthly amount that covers all the hardware you need, and a cost that is quite low.

The cost of operation is generally about half what the average consumer is currently paying with bundles that include Local, national and calls to mobile. This really helps in budgeting and monthly expenditure with no great surprises with large bills.

A large burden in the past has been those telephone tech call-outs every time you need a basic change.
Call out fee, an hourly rate in the hundreds is a cost you can eliminate altogether.

Most services on a hosted-PBX are changed from a dashboard or a call to your hosting company in Australia that is done live.

Where is the downside to this?

You must use VOIP access and perhaps you have heard bad reviews from the past. Well, two things apply here, because of the NBN you have no choice but to change to VOIP access at some time in the near future. Because speeds have generally increased this problem has been eliminated. The hosting providers have also improved and now you get a seamless service.


What do you do with your old system and handsets? Sell them on Ebay because they will fall in price as demand is no longer there. Second-hand systems did have a buying public sometimes just for the cards but that is rapidly declining. Anything over a few years old is outdated already so make your mind up soon.

You can combine Voice and data on one NBN channel or even have two services where large data download is required. Data does compromise Voice but saying that voice uses little space. As an example on an NBN 25 plan, you could run about 20 consecutive voice calls without compromising quality. Most small businesses stay around maximum calls at one time of say 3-4 calls at a time taking up less than 20% of the channel use.

The other point with the NBN is you can up your speed to cover issues at any time.

The NBN has changed.

The NBN has changed our thinking on both voice and data and it is well worth familiarising yourself on the changes. I have reported on this here.

No capital, save monthly and limited or no IT cost really puts this in the bag.
A hosted-PBX is your future so do it now whilst competition is active and prices are great.

Peter Hanley


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  1. Brian

    Great article , I shall take your advise .

    1. admin

      Thanks, Brian, anything I can do to help just call.
      peter H

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