Should I wait to move to the NBN

Should I wait to move to the NBN?

Should I wait to move to the NBN

The answer to this question “Should I wait to move to the NBN’ is a pretty solid NO.

No, you say, you just want to get my business now!

Well, let me just explain a few things to you that might assist the process.

  1. You have to move sometime, the copper network is going and not coming back.
  2. The NBN model you have may not be the best model but it is all you have.
  3. In early 2017 nearly half of all homes and businesses can access NBN
  4. This is growing at about 30.000 a day new connects.
  5. On my figures, all but the hard ones will be complete in12/18 months
  6. You have only 18 months to move from the day of connection of the NBN to your location.
  7. Moving is not overnight, it can take weeks.
  8. Planning is even longer it can take months
  9. If you don’t move you lose your telephone numbers
  10. Moving under pressure is a scene to be avoided at all costs.

An example.

Example; NBN was delivered to my home address recently. I rang Telstra to inquire and was told they were fully booked, please seek another provider or come back in several months.

What to do now?

All providers will have their hands full in peak times and if you have a preferred provider

they may not be able to accommodate you, furthermore, this may happen several times as the ticking clock gets louder.

As all phones must go to the NBN because the copper is going, you have no choice but to move.

NBN don’t move you, it is done by one of a hundred plus service providers that do the work.

In addition, some are a lot better than others so do not limit your choice.

Now your old phone system.

As a result of moving to the NBN, you now need to decide on what to do with your phone system.

Old phone systems, pre- digital systems probably should be thrown away. They can be connected but it is really clunky.

Can your digital system be upgraded with an interface card to use VOIP or SIP connections to the network?

What call plans can you have, pay per call or a package.? All packages are not created equal so chose carefully.

Is it better to go to a hosted system, little capital outlay and fully inclusive account?


In conclusion on should I wait to move to the NBN


In conclusion, you should be able to see the amount of planning that is required and the time it will take to achieve all this without Network delays.

Let me help you with this.

Peter Hanley

Should I wait to move to the NBN


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Should I wait to move to the NBN?

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  1. Tony Ooi

    I totally agree with your rationalisation. It is always better to move forward especially if maintaining status quo is not an option.

    I would not wait for the last minute as well and I would choose someone who will guide me through the process and make it as painless as possible.

    1. admin

      Thanks for your input, it is valued.

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