NBN and your phones

NBN and your phones

NBN and your phones   Here Peter Hanley talks about NBN and your phones versus the ADSL alternative and what is the best available service for your business. This week we have connected two similar businesses to a new service, one on NBN and the other on ADSl2 because NBN was not available. First of … Read more

NBN news the Rabbit Hole

NBN news the Rabbit hole. I was asked recently by my friend should they sign up to the NBN? My Reply was to remind them of the fable Alice in Wonderland. Alice is enticed into the Rabbit hole and enters a whole new world. She does not do this quickly and has to be enticed … Read more

What’s good on the NBN4

What’s  good on the NBN4 carries on our discussion on the benefits of the Broadband network. Are there still more good things? Are there still more NBN good things to go. Well, hell yea and one of the best. Speed my friend, good old Download speed and upload if that is important. Client tales. Spoke … Read more

What’s good on the NBN 3

What’s good on the NBN 3   First of all, we have discussed in the original post the benefit of number portability and in the next one, we looked at Faxing on the NBN and now with what’s good on the NBN3. Telephone call pricing. Telephone call pricing Gee, it was not that many years ago … Read more

Whats good on the NBN 2

Whats good on the NBN 2 Whats good on the NBN 2 is the second in the series of how to gain benefits and cost savings for your business. First of all a reminder that number 1 was about Number Portability and the advantages that you can now move a number by suburb. As a … Read more

What’s good on the NBN

Number portability What’s good on the NBN is the first of a series of articles that highlight some real benefits. We hear daily about the problems but let’s hear about some of the good things. I had a call the other day from a client with a problem. The problem was that he had to … Read more

NBN congestion answered

Do NBN carriers overload the channels so you end up with slower speeds? Your NBN congestion answered.   Many suppliers are starting to wish they had controlled channel stuffing in the past as ACCC looks into charging the number One Carrier Telstra plus Optus and certain to follow with many others. The charges evidently relate to … Read more

Telstra NBN call forward codes

Telstra NBN call forward codes vary with the type of service that you have with Telstra, The Telstra NBN Call forward codes All carriers have different set ups to move your calls where you want. The strangest is with Telstra Digital business, a multi- line business service. In the past, we could have both a line … Read more