Telstra NBN call forward codes

Telstra NBN call forward codes vary with the type of service that you have with Telstra,

The Telstra NBN Call forward codes

All carriers have different set ups to move your calls where you want.

The strangest is with Telstra Digital business, a multi- line business service.

In the past, we could have both a line hunt service where your call goes through from line 1 to 2 etc when the lines are busy and call forwarding to a message service or even a mobile phone.

Not anymore, you can only choose one or the other to work on your service, or can you?

I have spent a long time with Telstra NBN service to find a way around the problem because many of my messaging clients need a solution. Others just want to go to a mobile after hours or even to a voice mail service.

So, what is the solution?

First up you need to change from line hunt to call forwarding. This can be done by calling Telstra or logging into your dashboard and doing the changes yourself.

I will make this simple for you if line 1 is busy forward call to line 2  if line 2 is busy to line three and so on through all the lines. Simple line hunt. ( your plan will most likely include free local calls but you may wish to check this).

The important part is no answer and what we do then.

Line 1 or your listed access line is the main one. This will be the first line called in busy times and or after hours so we work out what to do with it. On no answer forward to a message service or mobile phone or another phone number anywhere.

Now do the same with lines 2/3 etc.

On the last line number in the group, we also forward busy calls to our chosen access as well as no answer calls.

Now go to Telstra accounting and get Line hunt access fee removed
because it is not needed any more a saving of near $10 a month.

Again, Line 1 on busy to line 2, line 2 to line 3 etc
Line 1-2-3 etc on no answer to your selected location.
Last line both no answer and busy to a selected location.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Authors note; I run a message service for business under the banner Verdi business messaging and use this procedure regularly for our customers. When it is too busy, or out of hours you should consider what to do with your messages. We would love to help

Peter Hanley

Telstra NBN call forward codes

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