What’s good on the NBN4

What’s  good on the NBN4 carries on our discussion on the benefits of the Broadband network.

Are there still more good things?

Are there still more NBN good things to go. Well, hell yea and one of the best.

Speed my friend, good old Download speed and upload if that is important.

Client tales.

Spoke to a country client today who is hesitant to go to NBN because of all the scary stories.

So, I guess you are happy where you are at I said. Let’s do a speed test whilst we are online
I said, try the Telstra one it is easy and quick.

When he said his download was good for the day I thought he was pretty lucky.

His download speed was 1.8Mbps he boasted to me, up from last week.
When I picked myself off the floor and the belly laughing stopped, I explained that was an
awful result and one that I could not work with.

I also rang my Daughter the other day an Optus user who stated her speed was Ok. So,
I said what is it and the rely was 19, no, that’s the ping time I said the next one, yes 2.2 Mbps
Oh, glory be so fast, Not.

Went to a client recently who had phone problems, I needed to log inter her spare computer to set up
a dashboard for her. I threw my hands in the air and shouted, I can’t work at this speed to her shock
she thought that the 2Mbps was quite good.

There are still so many homes and businesses suffering from third world internet.

What was internet speed?

Previously I had reasonable ADSL2 at between 6-8 Mbps, mostly at the higher figure. So, not a lot of problems.
Now at nearly 25 Mbps, I am working OK for a home office.

I will agree the carriers do mess with the speed and play games with channel loading and peak time deterioration but generally, they are now OK. I am here typing at 4.45 in the afternoon, kids are home from School, gamers are out and I still managed a 9-second ping, and 23Mbps upload and 4.5 Mbps download.

I pay for 25 Mbps download so I sit comfortably with that. Now, where are you at?  NBN speed tests.

What speed should you pay for and what can you use?

It is deemed that from 25 Mbps is considered a high-speed network and nearly 80% of connected Australians have chosen that speed. The push will be on to move users up the channel because the average speed affects our world ranking. The target is an average over 40Mbps so we need a lot of users above the line. It will get cheaper and I for one will move with the times.

The Internet use is currently increasing dramatically and we are just on the up curve of the scale.

The advent of items like Google home has added a single new dimension to so many households.
Do I have one? Yes, it was a present but just another device on my network.

Where are we heading with the NBN

It was not that long ago that the internet would drive just a single devise in a computer but add them up now.  Our house alone has two computers, two laptops, an I-pad, Google chrome plus every Grandkid has the pass to log in when they are here. Our mobiles swap to a local network when we are home and now consider the following

TV’s, fridges, alarms, printers, CCTV’s the list goes on and all in one single house.
Oh, and the big one is all the home telephone voice traffic to add another user.
If you have a gamer in the house you really have a need.

They are all going to eat your bandwidth and we will move with the demand to need higher capacity
as the world changes to a cloud environment.

Is the NBN a lousy model?


It is argued by some that our NBN is a lousy model and that it will not deliver what we need.
Is it better than ADSL, yes, by a country mile, is it world standard, not yet but some of that is growing pains and the capacity will come as they expand the base? It is the best available at this time yes it is and it does deliver what most of us need.

Fear not the NBN because it will deliver what you want now and bring more to the table in the future.

What's good on the NBN 4

Peter Hanley




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