What’s good on the NBN

Number portability

What’s good on the NBN is the first of a series of articles that highlight some real benefits.

NBN and Government

We hear daily about the problems but let’s hear about some of the good things.

I had a call the other day from a client with a problem. The problem was that he had to move his business to save money on large rent increases. Moving was not next door but several suburbs away.

The problem was the phone number he had. Since it had been purchased as a Golden number many years ago he wanted to transfer it to the new premises.

Furthermore in the olden days, like pre-NBN, this was only available on certain high priced lines like ISDN 10 line Primary rate. usually reserved for the bigger business. The rest of us were locked out.

The best available was to get a permanent diversion on the line and pay a line fee and call fees to a new number.

Number portability on NBN

Now my customer was moving to a new site with available NBN. We churned the line to NBN and set him up at the new site with the old number.
Number portability is easy with NBN either intercarrier or changing carriers the process is much the same.
A warning is issued to check on the time for this as some carriers will delay the churn so dot all your questions at day one so you understand what to expect.

The benefit to number portability.

In conclusion, retain the brand you have built over the years by having a consistent phone number.

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