The rise of the home worker and making money

The rise of the home worker and making money. I am not talking about those forced to a home desk but those wanting more for themselves

What is a home worker?

By home worker I include those freelancing at a coffee shop, working from the beach even filling in hours when nothing else is happening.
We all have spare time if you take away TV and other idle pursuits that simply waste hours. Some have them at night, many in the morning and even mid-afternoon when the world slows down.
The home worker puts those hours into action

What can a Home worker do

There are all the craft ideas that have existed for decades. Art, sewing, hiring, fixing, making, potting, growing and on and on.
There are office extensions like phone answering and debtors collection. Writing and producing.SMS marketing

Then the online duties like Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping, emailing, and coaching.

The choices are wide and varied and there is something for everyone, you just need to look.

Where do you start your journey?

I recommend the training at Wealthy Affiliate to get you started. You learn all the basics and then make a decision based on your strengths>
Here you get both beginner and advanced training as well as support, mentoring and a forum of like-minded people.
You may want to build websites, sell products on places like Amazon, blog, build training courses or write eBooks >
The one price gets you everything you want therefore It is an ideal starter pack.

How I messed up the training

I knew it all, except maybe a few missing bits that needed filling in. I wanted to build my business websites and have them gain business via good SEO.
The basic course comes with written and visual material and a quick review at the end of each module. I skipped a lot of the modules and particularly the visual ones as I get more from the written word. I got to the end in a couple of weeks and put it into practice. Well, that was the intention. I suddenly found out how much I had missed.
I went back to the first module and repeated the course properly to fill in a massive knowledge gap. I went on to complete all the courses available over the next year because there is just so much to learn.

Why don’t passive income schemes work?

There is just so much rubbish on the internet that you will waste an incredible amount of time chasing your tail. Come and look in my cupboard with reams of paper on great course ideas that never generated a penny. Yes, I gained some knowledge along the way but I needed a return, a financial input to support my other occupations.

Why have more than one income stream

I understand that nothing is forever and relying on one income stream can lead to disaster. Things change and what is great today can be gone tomorrow.
It may be a share portfolio, a deposit fund, a holiday house or any type of investment that can be destroyed overnight.
Even Warren Buffet spreads his investment portfolio over several companies and changes quickly when things are not going as planned.

With Affiliate marketing, you never put all your efforts into one company, you have a diversified spread and grant the highest achiever the most effort.
Amazon was a great place to start, they supplied all most everything you could want and backed them up with a healthy margin. But they got greedy and wanted it all to themselves so they dropped the margins so far that it was not worth the effort. Years of work are down the drain.
( in fairness they did do a small reversal and lifted margins again by a small amount>)

Why you should look for consistency

I went on a search for a product that did not require too much work and had a very good chance of success plus provided a good return on my investment in time and money.
The online market is dominated by a small number of players that have worked out the system. Naturally, they have made a lot of money and lasted
In the market repeating success over and over again.
If it is so easy why is it that not everyone is doing it? The answer is a few basic rules and a system that works.
Having a Structure
Providing a product
Gaining customers
and banking the money
It is so simple it is laughable yet almost no one does it.
I chose one guy to build my business and guarantee me returns on my investment. Michael has over twenty years in the business and mentors many of the top players, of course, he is a multi-millionaire and continues to develop award-winning products.
He wants to share his success but does not want the world to follow his ideas. In fact, he will insist you sign a contract that stops you from sharing his ideas.

The rise of the home worker and making money with a guarantee

Can anyone guarantee you will make money?

Generally, the answer is an emphatic no but when he does most of the work for you Michael really needs to deliver on his promises.
This was my answer to an income stream that would add to my normal operations. A passive income with guarantees of success.

The rise of the home worker and making money

Join a limited opportunity to fast-track your wealth

It won’t be an overnight success but it could happen in as quickly as 90 days with the right amount of dedication
You will make money from the first month because they make sure that this happens.
I say this is limited because they will close the doors at some stage and if you are reading this and it is gone I apologise. The bucket can only be shared so far before it starts to water down


I have given you two of the best opportunities on the market today. They are fair, and honest and deliver results and I am using both.

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