How to make a passive income at home

How to make a passive income at home without having a lot of money and time to reap the rewards. here we tell you the way forward

What are passive oncomes?

Top Passive Income Ideas

  • 1. Dividend Income Earning dividends is one of the most popular ways to make passive income using the stock market. …
  • 2. Invest in Real Estate Another great passive income idea is to invest in real estate. …
  • 3. Invest in Land …
  • 4. Create Software …
  • 5. Open a High-Yield Savings Account …
  • 6. Music Rights …
  • 7. Be an Angel Investor
  • Make money online

When you don’t have a heap of money but still have a need

I searched for passive income ideas and Google returned some good suggestions but they all revolved around me having money to invest.
Yea, If I have a million bucks it would be easy, I find the fastest way that is relatively safe and have a go.
I tried playing in the crypto market when that dropped by about 80% replacing passive with anger and hurt. Fortunately, I was actually one of the lucky ones that got out early.

We all need a second ( or third) income stream to get those few extras in life.

I went searching for a treasure

How to make a passive income at home

There are several ways to make passive income online, here are a few popular options:

  1. Affiliate marketing: This involves promoting other people’s products or services and earning a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link. This takes a lot of time
  2. Selling digital products: You can create and sell e-books, online courses, printables, stock photos, and other digital products.
  3. Displaying ads on a blog or website: You can monetize your blog or website by displaying ads, either through Google AdSense or other advertising networks. The problem is you need a lot of followers
  4. Online marketplaces: You can sell physical products through online marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy and earn passive income from sales.
  5. Doing product reviews and reports and getting paid
  6. Selling virtual products

When you are risk-averse

I understand that losing money is not in your plans. So as Warren Buffet would say ” Look at history to see the future”
I set out to find a Mentor that had a great track record, a long history of success and a promise that could be relied on.
My internet experience covers quite a few years and I am actively involved but wanted to add a string to the Bow.

Time / investment = rewards

Getting the balance right is a challenge. Nothing comes without some effort so we pre-determine our level of involvement.
There are three ways to the money trail and they are choices you will make.
You can buy your way in by spending on paid traffic or work your way in creating great SEO. Then there is a choice of doing both.
This all comes down to buying public or as they say traffic. The more traffic the more buyers.

A program that ticks all the boxes

I went looking for a value proposition. The internet is full of scams. We needed to pick a program from someone that ticked all the boxes

  • Made a bundle of money, self-made Multi.
    Been in business for many years. in fact over 20
    Award-winning products on JV Zoo and Warrior Forum
    A guarantee of sorts. nothing in life has a 100%

Michael C ticked all these boxes and many more. In fact, I started earning in the first couple of weeks.

How to make a passive income at home

A fear of copycats

This might sound a bit far-fetched but they are really serious about guarding the structure they have. In fact so much so that they make you sign a disclosure form before you are allowed in for details. Furthermore, when all the available opportunities are taken they will close it down and concentrate on the member’s rewards.

Your input matters

The bigger your involvement the greater or I should say faster the returns. However, I am talking an hour a day or even less if you chose.
If you had rental properties you would need to monitor your tenants or manager, Share investments require a knowledge of the market and even passive investments like land requires a constant knowledge of the market. There is no return without effort.

Every day I see fast money programs that make promises that sound too good to be true. They make money for the promotors and no one else>
This is different as it is all done for you and a structure set up that gets results.
A product that people want. ( Virtual)
A structure to sell it. ( a Funnel)
A bundle of traffic. (free or paid for)
A payment process to receive your funds.

It’s not all that hard except less than 1% of marketers are getting the rewards.

How to make a passive income at home for anyone

This is for anyone from anywhere. There are no restrictions or limits it is all in the method.
The Home wife could make more than the working husband ( or Visavers)
The pensioner could add to the life balance
The Late teen can have more spending money
and the wishful can get that car they dreamed of.


I am in so what about you? It is well worth a look and then make up your mind based on facts and not promises.
I must apologise if this has a closed sign by the time you try and grab the opportunity. I know Michael will pull the pin at some stage and concentrate on the members that have taken the plunge, sharing the recourses among them to broaden the results.
At this stage the gates are still open so what are you waiting for?

How to make a passive income at home by Peter Hanley

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