NBN news on social standing

NBN news on social standing

NBN news on social standing

I am an unashamed supporter of the NBN and as you troll my posts you will see my reasons.

NBN news on social standing

We had to have a broadband network that was capable of speeds to meet world standards.
Having one such network instead of a myriad of smaller ones makes sense particularly
when you can replace an ancient copper voice network at the same time.

Growing our network socially

In a recent independent report, they looked at the social growth contributed to higher speed networks.
Now I will confess that the NBN we got was Gerry built to meets the needs and costs of a full
FTTC network. It has many constraints and probably some challenges but at least it is meeting the rollout schedule.

Most of us on NBN love it.

The report by Alphabeta was constructed in part from the 2016 Census. As a side, it is good to see it being put to some use. In the report, it concludes that:

  • In NBN regions, it is estimated between 1,900 and 5,400 new businesses were created in 2017. This was five times the pace of regions without NBN. If this rate of growth continues, by the end of the rollout there will be between 30,000 and 80,000 additional new businesses as a result of the NBN network.
  • The number of self-employed women in NBN regions grew at an average 2.3 percent every year, compared to just 0.1

Self-employed women growth

  • NBN news on social standing
  • percent in non-NBN areas. That’s 20 times more likely than in non-NBN areas. If this trend continues, up to 52,000 additional Australian women will be self-employed by the end of the rollout, due again to the “NBN effect”.
  • In the financial and professional services industry it is estimated that this industry alone has benefited from productivity gains worth around $260 million in 2017.
  • The NBN generated an estimated $1.2 billion of additional economic activity in 2017. By the end of the rollout, the “NBN effect” is forecast to have helped create 31,000 additional jobs.
  • NBN news on social standing
  • By the end of the rollout, this “NBN-effect” is predicted to have multiplied to $10.4 billion a year, and this effectively equates to a net, present value of $122 billion.

Who uses NBN

  • People with NBN are twice as likely to enrol in online courses than their non-NBN counterparts.
  • People with NBN are 1.3 times more likely to use internet-connected devices to improve their health and well-being. NBN users are almost a third more likely to use health devices like FitBits or smart watches.
  • The “NBN effect” is estimated to have contributed about $90 million dollars in productivity gains to the health industry thus far.
  • NBN users are 1.4 times more likely to socialize using the internet than non-NBN users.

This research that was reported,  commissioned and accepted by the NBN company, which is fully owned by the government – could be a game changer for the future of the NBN.

Furthermore, tThe ongoing criticism of the NBN comes, sometimes, from the media looking for an angle to report so that we see the one side of the issue. The bad news is faster and tastier than good news.

Finally, if you accept that just a small percentage of the reported benefits are reasonable it is a great storey.


Peter Hanley

NBN news on social standing


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