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NBN news it must work


No more days of air when changing to the NBN news it must work under new legislation

A lot of users may have wished they waited for this.

New rules introduced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are designed to stop households being left without any access to telecommunications services when there are hiccups during their migration to the National Broadband Network.

The new Service Continuity Standard is the latest in a slate of regulatory measures taken by the ACMA to improve end-user experience during and after the transition to the NBN.

Under the standard, which takes effect on 21 September, where feasible NBN and telecommunications providers must not disconnect existing fixed-line services unless a new NBN connection is working.

If there is a problem during the migration, legacy copper-based services need to be reconnected where possible or an alternative service offered while the problem is resolved.

The standard takes effect “where the migration of a legacy service to the NBN has been unsuccessful, and is unlikely to be successful within a reasonable period of time” and “where the migration of a legacy service to the NBN has been successful, but a voice service or broadband service cannot be supplied to a particular consumer on the NBN for an unreasonable period of time, and it remains readily feasible to supply legacy services to that premises”.

An information sheet to be provided

The ACMA has also issued a Consumer Information Standard that requires a retail service provider (RSP) to offer an information sheet to prospective customers that contain details of its plans, in a similar fashion to the critical information summaries that accompany mobile phone services.

Is it true the majority have a bad time?


“They, the carriers say the majority of consumers are having a good experience in their migration to the NBN, unfortunately, a number are not,” ACMA chair Nerida O’Loughlin said in a statement.

“Telcos need to step up to provide better information to their customers and make sure they are not left without a service during their migration to NBN-based services.”

original document by Rohan Pearse at Computer world

This is not the only time of problems as the carriers are consistently having downtime reports and this includes the leaders in Telstra. Optus IInet etc

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