NBN news and best features

NBN news and best features

Here Peter Hanley looks at NBN news and its best features. Be sure to ask the questions at the start of the cycle and not when it is too late to make the changes you desire

NBN and your phones

First of all, It is true that NBN is only a carrier and never sells retail plans nor does it talk to customers. It wholesales its service to the market retailers Like Telstra, Optus, IINet, Vonex etc.

The next issue is that there are layers of retail and that the first layer carriers then on-sell to a second layer etc.

When you understand this method it will help in your selection.

The Third layer contacts the first layer who contacts NBN and then back down the chain to sharing the information.
It is very easy to get the message confused by playing Chinese whispers,

Furthermore, is that they all move the customer support activity offshore to use the available cheaper labour and to build your frustration.

The Speed of service

Now you can focus on the speed of the service, do you get what you pay for?

You should check this, just Google Speed test, and pick a carrier like Telstra and GO.

It will never achieve  100% but it could get close. I tried two companies this week one on a 25 Mbps service that achieved a
credible 23.9 Mbps. This was around midday

The other was a 100Mbps service that achieved only 74 Mbps
at a similar time.

Don’t pay for more than you achieve.

When you don’t get what you pay for you can request a  downgrade to a tier below.
With the above example, he could be as well of on paying a 50 plan than going halfway to a hundred. But for about $10 why change.

You can pay for fixed performance.

Selected carriers will guarantee a fixed performance during those busy hours. These are times when the kids get home from school and when the gamers begin during the evening. If you are active during those times this is a great option.

Cheap plans are generally a cheap service

The NBN channels can only take so much traffic so if they are overloaded you will get congestion.

The NBN price to carriers is fixed so they need to maximise their returns by maximising channel efficiency
Something has to give, and you wear the pain.

Not all carriers have equal options

This needs to be sorted out at day one. As an example, Optus cannot, or will not forward the caller number on call forwarding. If you want this option take another choice.

The Commander group take a lot of time to make simple changes so think carefully if you change regularly.

Telstra can not provide  Line hunt and call forwarding as a standard option. This was a problem for a few of our clients but we established a new protocol to correct this problem.

You will find new benefits

You can, however, have more than one rotary group with some carriers. I was with a customer today that had two lines in the workshop and two in the office. Both diverted to Verdi on no answer.

It is true that even the best phone systems had problems with this.

Most carriers don’t offer a speed upgrade for consistent performance. I use Vonex for this because they offer three different choices at a very small premium.

Is NBN better than what we had

When you struggled with very low ADSL speeds for many years this is a godsend. It has a price advantage, user facility advantages, Speed and support

You will really benefit from this.

NBN news and best features is an article by Peter Hanley.

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