NBN CO outage

NBN CO outage

NBN CO outage

Over the past days, I have experienced several NBN co outage situations, some that could have been avoided.


What carriers fail on NBN Co

It seems that a lot of carriers are faulting at different times and places.

I who sing the praises of NBN had my first fault this week, everything went off the air for about an hour.

Oh glory me what could I do, nothing she cried, internet down phones off ring the carrier.

Carrier says there are troubles in our area, tell me something I don’t know!

Reset the modem, still nothing but about an hour later whoopee back on the air.

Not so my friend around the corner, different carrier but off-air. He rang the carrier T and they said probably 48 hours

before it would be fixed. Not good enough, rang back at 36 hours and they said we told you 48 hours and we are not there yet. Reset your modem as a start. No effect

Stay with me here because this gets interesting.

Rang back again and they stated that it could be a week. Restart your modem.done. No effect.

Now, this guy works from home, son at college so they are running off a hot spot chewing into data like no tomorrow.


Fixing an NBN problem

Ring the T carrier again to complain. Usual,  guff went on until the carrier said you could try resetting the factory settings in the modem.

A tiny hole near the off button. Poke something sharp in there and wait for about 10 minutes.

Would you believe it fired up and has not missed a beat since? He was off-air for nearly a week because of poor information.

Yes they offered a small credit of a few dollars but nowhere near the damage of a week


How much can a carrier see into the NBN

The carrier can probably see a lot but the customer service can see nothing and their bit in life

is to get you off the phone.

Remember, if all else fails reset the modem.

Hosted phone system went down

Now you need to bribe me to tell you who but a prominent telephone hosting service also had an outage at the same time

albeit in a different state about 24 Hours no phones.

NBN co faults

And there is more.

Calls to 1300 numbers went down in three states at about the same time. Now, are we beginning to see a pattern here?

Random outages blamed on the carriers but was it the dreaded NBN after all.


What to do in NBN failure

The good news is that a magic Fairy is in the wings. Your mobile hotspot can always fill in for data but,

and a big but it has always been expensive.

As of this month, some Mobile phone companies are now raising data to almost unlimited downloads, they will throttle you back if you abuse it but it will keep you going. It could be that important backup.


A couple of important life lessons in here that I hope someday will help someone.


Peter Hanley

NBN CO outage





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