How Keywords Can Change Your Results

How keywords can change your results and turn your work into a well-searched product that produces constant Results

The truth about keywords

If you get keywords wrong you are doomed to failure but with a bit of planning, you can really make a difference.
Furthermore, Google no longer uses keywords as a leading factor so you are between a rock and a hard place.
Plus Keywords are getting longer as voice search grows.

Google and user intent

First up Google wants to know what the searcher is looking for;

How keywords can change your results

Are they wanting an answer to a question or a problem solved
Do they want directions to somewhere
Maybe they want to make a booking for something
Or do they want to shop for local businesses

The problem with Bing

With the above in mind, your Keywords should really reflect the outcome required. The problem is that Bing and Yahoo still work on Keywords but recent shifts have even distorted that issue. Bing now relies on content quality and research as guiding principles for performance They have a fuller description here. This has now made Bing harder to rank for as they seek quality over quantity.

Think about voice traffic

Voice traffic can be as high as 40% in some cases making it a necessary fixture

No one says into a mobile phone Football. No, they say what sort of Football depending on your country and the question that they want to be answered.
Therefore it is quite a long tail or something quite explicit. What pressure do you put in a Soccer ball when blowing it up? Herein lies quite a few keywords; Soccer, ball, pressure, inflation, and measurement that can litter your article or post.

Content and authority have taken over the airwaves

Authority can change your keyword results

The need for authority is both a Google requirement and even more so with Bing. Therefore adding good links to your writing proves that you have researched your story and have written based on the best advice. I have always said we can get along using a Wikipedia link to explain wording but we need to go a lot deeper now.
Google rates you on readers’ choice, if there are three articles on page one the one with the most views will take first place if your article gets few followers it is straight to the back of the class never to be found.

Think about readers when creating keywords

What does your reader want? now make the answer clear as quickly as you can. Then you can explain why you gave the answer and back it up with solid authority.
This is what search engines want to do. take readers to a solution as quickly as possible. Yes they worry about time on the page but not as much as satisfying readers.
The question “When did Hitler die” is an easy answer, 30 April 1945.
but “When did Hitler die and what was the effect on the world?” This requires a long-tail answer that digs much deeper into the subject.

The use of keywords can magnify your results

The bad news is that if you get this wrong you will get no traction from SEO. Fortunately, you can link people in from Social Media internal or external linking or emails and if you are getting good readers you may earn a place on page one. This is the only place to be.
Keywords on your webpage can bring visitors and you can convert them to sales.

If all else fails you can resort to paid advertising to try and get some traction.
The road to success has quite a few different paths but the one where millions of people worldwide search for answers can have a significant impact on your results.

Competing with the pros

When the heavy hitters hold page-one spots the chances of dislodging them are very slim. They know the rules and follow them diligently so you are on a non-equal basis. Therefore look at what else people are searching for on Google and try to get a better Keyword. Of course, traffic is important but competition will outrank you every time so beat them at their own game.

The way around the enemy

How keywords can change results and win the reader war

One of my sites is a site that no one will search in the normal course.
However, the site is about Affiliate income and passive income as well as working from home, a side hustle or done for you business.
Therefore my keywords all revolve around what the site delivers and what it achieves.

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If any one subject requires constant attention it is the Keywords. Changes are happening on a regular basis and those changes can reap havoc on your results. Getting to page one can be a lot easier with good word selection.

How Keywords can change your results by Peter Hanley

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