NBN and faxing


NBN and faxing

NBN and faxing are somewhat of a misnomer because NBN does not do faxing nor intend to in the future. So what do you do when the NBN comes to town and you still need a fax service?

Who needs a fax

Who still needs a fax and it is worth the cost?NBN and faxing

Unfortunately, a lot of work is still done on the humble fax machine in medical, building, government and of course marketing.

It is my belief that having a fax number also shows an element of caring for your customers by offering a choice of communications medium.

I am being specific to the Australian market because in the USA as in many other countries the fax is still a supreme and legal medium.

NBN does not provide a fax service nor will they in the future. It is interesting that a lot of carriers that are trading the NBN have also stayed away from a fax service.

What does this mean to you?

Well, first up you will lose the fax number you have had for years and is probably printed on every bit of literature you own.
They can’t do that you might say, well yes they can and yes they will.

All normal telephone services disappear about 18 months after NBN appears in your area. No telephone line, no fax number and no way to recover, all over red rover.

NBN and faxing

I have reviewed several business telephone bills recently that have moved to the NBN. They have all shown a PSTN fax line and number that is set to expire. Were they told? NO, they were not because the carrier did not have an option to supply to them.No NBN and faxing.

How does Fax to email work?

NBN and faxing

Somewhere in a back office ( ok the cloud)  is a machine that captures your incoming fax and converts it to email and sends it to your email address with any attachments.
It is the same going the other way you address an email to fax number@abc cloud.com and it goes to the same machine that changes your email to a fax and sends it to the right number.

Like any service, there are good ones and not so good but the principle remains the same.

NBN and faxing

It will save you a bundle of money.


First up a fax service from a tier one grade supplier is cheaper than your fax line probably by at least $6 a month.

Next is the cost of the machine with, power, maintenance, drums and extras to keep it working.

We also must consider peripherals like paper, ink, toner etc that really add to the cost line.
Finally, and most importantly is labour. Standing around a machine fixing paper jams, waiting on an incoming fax, feeding countless pages into the beast, copying to electronic files cost you money.

With a fax to email, it is Save, forward or delete, pretty damn simple.


The email to fax advantage.

Every desk can be a fax service to send an email to fax and attach pages of details. You just register the user and agree to pay the outgoing fax rates and away you go.

A local or national fax with 8 pages of attachment will cost you from around $ 0.10 fax, probably a lot less than you are paying now. so more savings.

Good for the Environment

NBN and faxing

Because there is no need for chemicals or waste of any kind you are doing your small part to save the world.

One service I recommend is Vonex, tier 1 grade service that works at a very reasonable price. You can’t buy from Vonex because they are the wholesaler but you can get the service through me.

You can have a new fax number in your state range, a 1300 number or churn your number to them at a small fee.

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