NBN a real mess

NBN a real mess The NBN network is not a mess, or even close to it. As Donald Trump would say “This is fake news” The NBN is well on its way to meeting or beating the subscriber numbers and returning a significant income to the Australian Government. Complaints on the NBN Certainly, there are … Read more

Does your NBN carrier make a difference

Does your NBN carrier make a difference Picking a carrier Here is a list of carriers on the NBN   Gee, a long list and which one to pick? Going back a bit NBN Co is purely a wholesaler of product and they have selected carriers to resell their product. A problem exists for many when the … Read more

NBN news the Rabbit Hole

NBN news the Rabbit hole. I was asked recently by my friend should they sign up to the NBN? My Reply was to remind them of the fable Alice in Wonderland. Alice is enticed into the Rabbit hole and enters a whole new world. She does not do this quickly and has to be enticed … Read more

NBN News speed tests

  A lot is asked of the NBN news and speed tests so we want to discover just what is happening Different speed tests on the NBN OK, today I thought I would do an experiment on speed tests for the NBN or any internet plan. I selected an IINet 25 plans and chose from … Read more

Will FTTC help speeds on NBN

Will FTTC help speeds on NBN Firstly the question will FTTC help speeds on NBN is a very important one as it changes the whole dynamics of The Industry. What is Fibre to the Curb or FTTC The original NBN model dreamed of having Fibre Optic running right to your premises. Because this was great in … Read more

NBN and FTTC technologies

NBN and FTTC technology   The introduction of FTTC FTTC (fibre to the curb) was first introduced as a replacement for Optus’ Hybrid-Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable network. Due to this all installation with HFC were recently stopped pending investigations into performance. We are told that NBN has confirmed that it will deploy FTTC in areas … Read more