Does your NBN carrier make a difference

Does your NBN carrier make a difference

Does your NBN carrier make a difference

Picking a carrier

Here is a list of carriers on the NBN   Gee, a long list and which one to pick?

Going back a bit NBN Co is purely a wholesaler of product and they have selected carriers to resell their product.

A problem exists for many when the carriers offer tiers of service. For instance, Telstra NBN services are also supplied by Beyond, They are just a cheaper version of the same product both owned and operated by Telstra.
In many cases with the tiered carriers, your access to support is often limited. I recently had an issue with a hosted phone system. My query went to our carrier who then had to go to their carrier who then had to go to NBN for an answer,
The result was days of wasted time.

Choosing a product

When you go to The NBN you have several choices to make depending on your needs.
Upload speed, the most common, download speed and amount of data used. More

You can also choose a basic service, medium or business grade. The difference is how much you are slowed during peak hours. For a home, not a problem, for a business may be.

Adding value

With your NBN service, you also have your Voice channels and lines. You will be provided options depending on your needs. Either an all calls inclusive package at a set value of for those that don’t make many calls a price per call.

This will be bundled in with your NBN service and most likely be saving you money.

Does your NBN carrier make a difference

Furthermore, you will be able to keep your current telephone number and use it on the new service.


Most likely you will require new equipment a  Modem at the very least. This may be included in your package if you sign for a 12 or 24-month term. Generally, it is just a matter of plugging in a couple of cables and making a phone call to have it up and running. They have made it easy


In conclusion, there are a lot of decisions to make and we make it easy for you.

Finally, tell us what you want and let us quote you on an ideal package.

NBN are you getting what you pay for?

Does your NBN carrier make a difference

 Peter Hanley


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