Will FTTC help speeds on NBN

Will FTTC help speeds on NBN

Firstly the question will FTTC help speeds on NBN is a very important one as it changes the whole dynamics of The Industry.

What is Fibre to the Curb or FTTC

The original NBN model dreamed of having Fibre Optic running right to your premises.

Because this was great in theory but deemed too expensive and importantly it would take too long to install a National network.

Therefore to save money and time the Fibre to a Node network was envisaged as a game saver.

Will FTTC help speeds on NBN


However, new Fibre went to a local node and then they used existing Copper the rest of the way. The problem with this is that it is distance dependent. Any copper lengths over about 400 meters killed the speed fairly drastically.

The principal of NBN

The NBN was floated on a principal of having a choice of speed. 12,25,50 or 100Mbps. Just pay for what you get.

On top of this many subscribers were connected on the old Optus and Foxtel networks so they would get good speed anyway. Wrong. As they found out the old network is falling apart and that with all good estimates It could not be made to work properly.

Half of NBN customers are now stuck on 50 Mbps or less. Old networks and distance problems caused havoc and lots of threats to sue were in the air.

If you are on the Internet you will understand that Technology changes quickly and consequently the speed of change is often brought about by necessity.

FTTC a product of necessity

With The old  HFC network failing something had to be done quickly. NBN had stopped all work on the network leaving around 6 million subscribers in the cold. More here

Suddenly the cost of FTTC came down and provided a viable alternative to an expensive problem.

Initial trials in NSW and Vic are encouraging and If you are in the trial area consider yourself blessed.

The Future of FTTC

It is believed that once the Bunky FTTN network is installed retrofitting will take place. Now it is not next year but it will happen. NBN want to run at world standards with an average speed of over 50Mbps and to achieve that we really need to up our game.

Finally, this is just a brief summary of the problem. You can read endlessly about it but the fact is we want a Network where we all have a choice. To do that NBN must lift their game.

In conclusion

Most of all the NBN is a necessity to our continent. For too long, we have put up with an inferior product and this takes us a step closer to a world standard.

Peter Hanley

Will FTTC help speeds on NBN


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