NBN a real mess

NBN is a real mess

The NBN network is not a mess, or even close to it. As Donald Trump would say “This is fake news”

The NBN is well on its way to meeting or beating the subscriber numbers and returning a significant income to the Australian Government.NBN a real mess

Complaints on the NBN

Certainly, there are a lot of complaints about the NBN some founded and some not so.

many of the complaints revolve around not being able to be connected. A fair complaint but when you consider the size of the undertaking, it is only time.

Power outages are another in recent times. No power no phone service.

Many homeowners work on cordless phones. The same goes for power out phone out no change.

The Internet is down, and the power is out so unless you are on a laptop (not WIFI) the power is out.

In these days of cheap mobile phones, every household should have one. This takes the pain away from Power. Unless, of course, you forgot to charge it.

Those on The NBN

It surprises me that many comments that they don’t notice the increased speed when changing to the NBN.

My Home/office works on 25 MBPS download and it really is good.

I often visit customers’ premises and need to access a computer. That my friends are when you notice a difference.

NBN and faxing

going from 25 down to 2 is a painful experience.

I rang a client this week, we were trying to mirror a result on our computers as I was teaching a function. I would provide a login then we would both access the program at the same time, I kept saying are you there yet and her reply was just waiting, it is downloading. It was painful.

Voice on NBN

Many worry about voice quality over the internet. This probably goes back to the olden days when we were trying to squeeze voice over a very narrow pipe. The effect on Voice was sometimes quite noticeable and in fact pretty poor.

In the NBN arena, data will affect Voice but remember a voice channel is only a small percentage of total input.

I have not yet spoken to anyone with an audio problem.

NBN a real mess

if you do have a problem with voice quality because data to dominant simply increase your band with to the next level.

A small cost for a huge gain. With a business that has high voice traffic, you may consider separate NBN connections. one for Voice and one for Data. The cost to this size of business is minimal so it really is a valid option.

Changing to the NBN

Again a lot of information around this. Most cutovers are virtually seamless, particularly with domestic use.

There is no need for Technician input as many or most of us find it easy. with business and phone systems, it is a bit different but once in place fairly seamless.


The fear campaign around NBN is mostly built around a lack of supporting information. This plus listening to the winger of a few that place fear and doubt in your mind. As experienced as I am I was also hesitant to move due to perceived issues. Like anyone else, I was the nervous Nellie although completely unfounded.

Want to know more right here.

NBN a real mess

Peter Hanley

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