NBN update 2018

NBN update 2018. The best news is the early arrival of FTTC that will allow vastly increased speeds both up and download without a price hike. Introduced to a trial 200,000 customers throughout NSW and Victoria FTTC showed that speed deterioration is a thing of the past. In Fact, speeds off up to a gigabyte … Read more

NBN Benefits 4

NBN Benefits 4 We are up to NBN benefits 4 Looking at why the NBN is good for every Australian. As Internet users, we needed a national system available to all users that would eventually pay for itself. Over the past Decade, we have had a host of broadband companies putting Fibre into the ground … Read more

What’s good on the NBN4

What’s  good on the NBN4 carries on our discussion on the benefits of the Broadband network. Are there still more good things? Are there still more NBN good things to go. Well, hell yea and one of the best. Speed my friend, good old Download speed and upload if that is important. Client tales. Spoke … Read more

NBN speed test

NBN speed tests Here we look at NBN speed test and what it means to the average punter.   I had a conversation today with a guy in Queensland, he stated no way he would go to the NBN because he had heard all bad reports and was really happy with ADSL 2. We talked … Read more

NBN and faxing

  NBN and faxing are somewhat of a misnomer because NBN does not do faxing nor intend to in the future. So what do you do when the NBN comes to town and you still need a fax service? Who needs a fax Who still needs a fax and it is worth the cost? Unfortunately, … Read more

What’s good on the NBN 3

What’s good on the NBN 3   First of all, we have discussed in the original post the benefit of number portability and in the next one, we looked at Faxing on the NBN and now with what’s good on the NBN3. Telephone call pricing. Telephone call pricing Gee, it was not that many years ago … Read more