Downside of NBN telephone hosting

Downside of NBN telephone hosting

The Downside of NBN telephone hosting and my experience with faults brings forward some basic issues.

I have just been on the phone with a well-known Carrier for more than an hour and a half. This to get a simple line hunt changed has driven me to despair.

That problem comes where the carrier must liaise with Telstra for simple changes to be made.

I am talking to the Philippines from Australia who is talking to Telstra in Australia over a small complication in a Line hunt problem.

This communications issue occurs regularly where you can not talk or access directly to a change portfolio.

Working with Telstra can be just as frustrating as the same situation exists.

I was recently working with an NBN carrier who had his hosting with another carrier and we had the same issue.
He talks to his provider, he talks to the hosting platform and back to them in Chinese whispers.
One small slip creates large errors

If you have had a telephone issue I am sure you have found the same problem, it is common and frustrating. I understand the industry and I find it hard at times let alone someone that is naive to the whole thing.

I act for many outlets as a dealer therefor I am entrusted to provide a solution.

Is there an Answer?

As the industry has evolved more and more businesses are moving to a hosted phone system. Called one in the cloud.

Furthermore, I am recommending to my clients that they seriously look at this.

One word of caution is talk directly to the hosting provider and not through a third party.
How do you know this? Ask the question up front and listen to the answer.

That being said with hosted phone systems most changes can be done directly by you or a nominated person that can access and is authorised.

No, you can’t just add services without them but you can change all the common issues that we have on a daily basis.

You have no need to call that telephone tech, no need to sit on the phone listening to elevator music whilst you wait for someone to take charge.

I was talking to a site recently and said to the owner you need to call the carrier to get that fixed.
I could not do it without the confirmation go around. His answer was, “ I don’t have time for that last time I was on the phone for hours”

There are many advantages to hosted phone systems and not many downsides and this is just one of them.

This one issue  I believe is critically important and will save you heaps in call out fees and wasted time you can never retrieve.

How does it work? You have a web login to your service and then just access the changes you need to make.
If it is too much, simply outsource that to your agent or dealer trained to make your life easy.

In conclusion.

Is this a better way? It certainly beats the hell out of the current system.

More on Hosted phone systems.

Peter Hanley
Downside of NBN telephone hosting

Downside of NBN telephone hosting


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