NBN Downtimes

NBN Downtimes

I happily reproduce this article by Greg Lepschitz from The Summit group on NBN Downtimes. Maybe a bit inward focused but it is a reminder to have a backup with high- speed mobile data.
So, you show up to work and expect to be able to work right?
If you’re a customer on the NBN then you can expect extended outages right throughout the working day.NBN Downtimes are not fun.
This notification is to let you know that we will be performing network maintenance work. Due to this activity the services listed below will experience a loss of connectivity for up to 18 hrs 0 mins during the change window.
NBN estimates interruption 1 (Listed Above) will occur between:
Start: 23rd Oct 8:00AM
End: 23rd Oct 4:00PM
NBN estimates interruption 2 (Listed Above) will occur between:
Start: 24th Oct 8:00AM
End: 24th Oct 4:00PM
NBN estimates interruption 3 (Listed Above) will occur between:
Start: 25th Oct 8:00AM
End: 25th Oct 4:00PM
Whilst the NBN might be cost-effective, a solution which doesn’t work is far more costly to your business.
Ask yourself, could your business be off the air for days at a time?
If the answer is no, then the NBN Downtime is not the right solution for your business.
Days of internet interruption will cost your business thousands in lost revenue.
It’s also going to cost you thousands in staff wages with everyone sitting around unable to work.

How about your phones? With the NBN, your phones are all using Voice over IP which is reliant on your NBN working.


So let’s recap on why the NBN is bad for business

  • NBN thinks it’s acceptable to undertake long outages and maintenance during business hours
  • The NBN has no service level agreement or rebates for outages and downtime.
  • They don’t guarantee time to restore services
  • Their outages impact your business in lost revenue and wages
  • Interruptions mean your business has no Land lines
  • Does this sound good for business? No, I don’t think so.
Summit Internet specialise in business grade internet services. Our services are on when you need it during business hours.
Business grade service level agreements protect you with response and restoration time frames. We’ll also provide a financial service credit if we breach on our service level agreement.
We stand behind what we provide. We put our money where our mouth is. We’re Summit Internet and we’re for business.
My team and I are here to help you and would love to provide your business with an amazing fibre internet service.
Ready to make the switch? Call us on 1800116116  and join thousands of other businesses who have already made the switch. or Visit  our website
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