do you have to go NBN

do you have to go NBN

Thinking about the internet, NBN and things that ring do you have to go NBN.

It is a fact that we will all move to the NBN network sometime in the next three years.

For some much sooner, you have about 18 months once it arrives in your area.

I have had several conversations with industry people that have told me that the NBN won’t make it and we won’t need to change. They say there is no alternative to ISDN and that the coverage is just not there.Do you have to go NBN

My Take on this is that NBN is a national company that is designed to replace the current copper network. It is halfway to the total implementation and a 2.5-year time frame to the finish.

Furthermore, NBN only starts to make money when it has practical completion around 2020 when they expect to have around 8 million connections.

Change or upgrade

You can change PSTN, ISDN or any manner of lines to the NBN using your selected carrier by IP or SIP protocol.

Yes, there will be a few areas that have limited access or slower speeds using the satellite as they fill the bandwidth channels and they will need to wait for a longer time.

In a recent radio show, they were talking all things NBN and callers were ringing in and complaining.

What amazed me was that nearly all were complaining about the current system and crying that it would not get better. Mostly from fringe areas where expectations are based on need not on reality.

Yes NBN is more prone to dropouts than the current system as they work on it and make changes along the way but we all hope this improves.

Back up system

One option is to have a 4G automatic backup device that will fill in at any downtime. Yes, there is a cost but if phone calls are that important, and they are, this is a no-brainer.

Data will be faster, the current average speed of a service using ADSL 2+ would be less than 8mbps upload.  Almost anything will be an improvement.

In conclusion and in my prior reports, I emphasise that you should not wait until the last months to convert to NBN. It takes time and planning to get it right and to make the change.

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Peter Hanley

Do you have to go NBN

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