NBN complaints right or wrong

Are the NBN complains right or wrong? This is a multi-directional question that can be answered only by understanding how it all works.

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It is true that The NBN was changed from a Fibre to the home network to a multi-platform product. Therefore, we can complain endlessly but it won’t change that fact.

The latest round of NBN problems are with the Hybrid Fibre connections, OK, you have a good reason to complain because all connections have been shelved for the near future.
HFC comprises about 26% of all connections so that’s a lot of complaining.

This complaint, however, is not how well it works it is purely based on not being available.
( OK, they stopped installation because of problems they could not resolve)

Fibre to the Node.

How far are you from an NBN node
A node or local big green box should serve approximately 384 homes/ businesses in a collection area. It does this by using the old copper connections to your home from the node. The copper, however, has a limiting factor. This factor is distance.
If you opt for lower speeds than say 50Mbps  You are pretty safe. If you are more than around 400 meters from the Node 100Mbps  is improbable, although, you can be up to 700 meters and still get up to 50 Mbps.

This has been a real thorn in the side for the carriers. They forgot to tell customers about the limitations and many are now paying out compensation for the error.
These early subscribers have a real reason for complaint. Mostly because they were paying for what they could not get.

In the current market, your carrier, should give you the best estimate distance and advise what speeds you can expect. You then have a choice of product and no later complaints.
In most cases, homes and small business have opted for speeds up to 25Mbps  which should be achieved in most areas.

Other issues are with both Fixed wireless and satellite connections in Rural areas that will
include about 5% of final connections.

What about the carriers responsibility?

Well, again we can partly blame NBN Co for this.

NBN sell the carrier a capacity based on price. If you load too many subscribers onto a channel you get peak time slow down. It should be understood if you get cheap NBN you are setting yourself up to fail because to make money they will channel stuff
When you live with a certain speed and it drops by say half you have a reason to complain.

With many carriers you can pay for what you get, Cheap price average quality, the medium price will suit most users and those that insist high-quality bandwidth purchase.
You should also take into account greater loading over time as they load your area with users.

A declaration

You will note on most price sheets a declaration saying Basic evening speed, or Standard Evening speed up to Premium evening speed. Prices increase based on the consistency of speed.
If channel loading is going to annoy you pay the small extra premium it will be well worth it.

In summary;

Know what connections are available to your premises. Link Here

Ask your chosen carrier the distance from the node and pick a speed.

Choose your product based on need not on price.

That leaves one final complaint.

I can’t get NBN in my area please hurry the installations.


In conclusion

I help customers achieve results using a favoured carrier because we look at all the inputs to best advise a product to suit your needs. One you hopefully won’t need to complain about. email to select@westnet.com.au or call on 1800116116

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Peter hanley

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