Whats good on the NBN 2

Whats good on the NBN 2 Whats good on the NBN 2 is the second in the series of how to gain benefits and cost savings for your business. First of all a reminder that number 1 was about Number Portability and the advantages that you can now move a number by suburb. As a … Read more

What’s good on the NBN

Number portability What’s good on the NBN is the first of a series of articles that highlight some real benefits. We hear daily about the problems but let’s hear about some of the good things. I had a call the other day from a client with a problem. The problem was that he had to … Read more

NBN and speed issues

NBN and speed issues In this short article, we discuss the NBN and speed issues problems so that you have an idea on how to improve your problem or what can be done about it. Speed test. First questions first, is the problem with the NBN or with your chosen service provider? It’s a long subject and … Read more

NBN and Government

NBN and Government A summary I may be out of place talking about the NBN and Government although someone needs to set the record straight. In a report January 18 in The Sydney Morning Herald it was reported that Australia has a slower broadband speed than  Kazakhstan. This plus a host of other nations.  Countries … Read more