Who controls the NBN speed?

Who controls the NBN speed? In an article in the West Australian newspaper by NBN CEO Bill Morrow, he talked of the three link chain that is the NBN and who controls the NBN speed? Because the NBN was scaled back to cut cost and to deliver a quicker completion we are stuck with some … Read more

do you have to go NBN

do you have to go NBN Thinking about the internet, NBN and things that ring do you have to go NBN. It is a fact that we will all move to the NBN network sometime in the next three years. For some much sooner, you have about 18 months once it arrives in your area. … Read more

Will Amazon destroy your business

Will Amazon destroy your business, act now. If you are not yet alarmed, take a peek out from under your mushroom. In a recent look at this problem, will Amazon destroy your business, I thought about the many Amazon type businesses that are targeting your market. Amazon is not the only Elephant in the room. … Read more

SIP connections explained

SIP connections explained VoIP, Voice over IP, SIP, SIP Trunk. First off all SIP Trunking is a relatively new technology that has a host of benefits for organisations. To gain a solid understanding of what it is, how it can benefit an organisation and what it’s benefits and drawbacks are, it’s important to understand how … Read more

NBN 101

  NBN 101 your guide to a better understanding. The nbn™ network is designed to give all Australians the opportunity to access fast and reliable internet services. How will it achieve this? Firstly the rollout of the nbn™ network promises to change the way we access the internet. Using a mix of technologies, the network is designed … Read more