Will FTTC help speeds on NBN

Will FTTC help speeds on NBN Firstly the question will FTTC help speeds on NBN is a very important one as it changes the whole dynamics of The Industry. What is Fibre to the Curb or FTTC The original NBN model dreamed of having Fibre Optic running right to your premises. Because this was great in … Read more

NBN and FTTC technologies

NBN and FTTC technology   The introduction of FTTC FTTC (fibre to the curb) was first introduced as a replacement for Optus’ Hybrid-Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable network. Due to this all installation with HFC were recently stopped pending investigations into performance. We are told that NBN has confirmed that it will deploy FTTC in areas … Read more

NBN update 2018

NBN update 2018. The best news is the early arrival of FTTC that will allow vastly increased speeds both up and download without a price hike. Introduced to a trial 200,000 customers throughout NSW and Victoria FTTC showed that speed deterioration is a thing of the past. In Fact, speeds off up to a gigabyte … Read more

NBN Benefits 4

NBN Benefits 4 We are up to NBN benefits 4 Looking at why the NBN is good for every Australian. As Internet users, we needed a national system available to all users that would eventually pay for itself. Over the past Decade, we have had a host of broadband companies putting Fibre into the ground … Read more

Will Amazon destroy your business

Will Amazon destroy your business, act now. If you are not yet alarmed, take a peek out from under your mushroom. In a recent look at this problem, will Amazon destroy your business, I thought about the many Amazon type businesses that are targeting your market. Amazon is not the only Elephant in the room. … Read more

SIP connections explained

SIP connections explained VoIP, Voice over IP, SIP, SIP Trunk. First off all SIP Trunking is a relatively new technology that has a host of benefits for organisations. To gain a solid understanding of what it is, how it can benefit an organisation and what it’s benefits and drawbacks are, it’s important to understand how … Read more

The best internet connection for my business

The best internet connection for my business The best internet connection for my business is discussed in detail and detailing all the necessary decision points. Reproduced from an Article by Greg Lipschitz CEO of the Summit Group In business these days it’s necessary to have a reliable internet connection. Your business and its internet connection are … Read more