NBN news and best features

NBN news and best features Here Peter Hanley looks at NBN news and best features. Be sure to ask the questions at the start of the cycle and not when it is too late to make the changes you desire First of all, It is true that NBN is only a carrier and never sells … Read more

Hosted phone system and handsets

Hosted phone system and handsets What are the Hosted phone system and handsets available on the Australian market and are they any good for small business. A relatively new product in the Australian market is using Cloud-based phone systems. This is instead of investing in expensive infrastructure. Are many companies using this? It really has … Read more

NBN and your phones

NBN and your phones

NBN and your phones   Here Peter Hanley talks about NBN and your phones versus the ADSL alternative and what is the best available service for your business. This week we have connected two similar businesses to a new service, one on NBN and the other on ADSl2 because NBN was not available. First of … Read more

NBN Problems and you

NBN and your phones

NBN Problems and you. Here we discuss NBN Problems and you. I read every day about terrible customer experience yet it should not be contemplated with a bit of planning. Neither Rome nor the NBN is built in a day First of all a warning to you all. Do not wait until the last minute … Read more

NBN Connection

NBN and your phones

NBN Connection Here Peter Hanley looks at how one site had there NBN Connection done and the timeline for achieving the procedure from start to finish. Waiting to sign a lease With any new site, nothing can start until the lease is signed and agreed. This is sometimes frustrating as you want to move in on … Read more

NBN news it must work

NBN news it must work   No more days of air when changing to the NBN news it must work under new legislation A lot of users may have wished they waited for this. New rules introduced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) are designed to stop households being left without any access … Read more

NBN best buys

NBN and your phones

What are the  NBN best buys and plans, we had a look at The Mozo report today for there best results? I have reprinted some here and provided a link to a full report   What are the Mozo Experts Choice Awards? Now in their fifth year, the Mozo Experts Choice Awards provide a platform … Read more

NBN faults

NBN faults

Is The Governments  NBN built on quicksand? In this letter to The Canberra Times, Chris Ballantyne took out his grief by blaming the NBN faults back on to them. He said; We are plagued by ageing cables and junction boxes accessed by technicians from numerous internet service providers who are answerable to no one for … Read more

NBN news-Optus-fined

NBN news optus fined

  Optus allegedly referred to NBN migration payments as ‘bounty’. Unethical NBN enforcement Optus has been fined $1.5 million by the federal court for trying to force customers off its HFC network and onto the NBN This method was to increase the revenue to Optus but the penalty was estimated at double that. The Australian … Read more