NBN news on social standing

NBN news on social standing I am an unashamed supporter of the NBN and as you troll my posts you will see my reasons. We had to have a broadband network that was capable of speeds to meet world standards. Having one such network instead of a myriad of smaller ones makes sense particularly when … Read more

NBN news April 2018

NBN and higher speeds your news update In prior posts, I have indicated a need to increase the average speed of all users on the NBN. They, NBN, would like to see an average download speed of over 50 Mbps to meet with the world standard target for developed nations. (OECD) Now halfway through their roll … Read more

NBN news April 18.

NBN news April 18. More on FTTC and more on speed. Uptake of faster NBN I have stated previously that the price perception of faster broadband would limit its growth. Currently nearly 80% if customers are happy with 25 Mbps or less. I am in this group but would consider a change if the incentive … Read more

Best business phone systems

Best business phone systems Best business phone systems is an interesting topic because of the rapid industry changes. For a long time, the industry was dominated by Panasonic, NEC, LG and maybe a couple of others. The system was designed to work on analogue lines and the calls carried via a dominant carrier. Telstra This … Read more

NBN news update

The press has been very quiet on any NBN news update of recent times. First of all, I guess there are better things to talk about. The recent release on NBN. NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow said: “At NBN we are pleased with the improvements seen from the additional work undertaken while sales have been … Read more